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Friday, February 02, 2007



I just want to know how children get into postitions like that while sleeping and then don't wake up crabby- I got this site from Double happiness- Thanks for allowing me to take a peek.

Becky  Bilby

I agree - I love sleeping angel pics!! My favorite - the last one!!! That's a pose!!

Becky  Bilby

I just saw on your profile that you homeschooled - we do too!!! Thanks for deleting one of my last comments - I wondered why it wasn't showing up and then noticed you moderate comments - sorry!


Oh she is sooo kissable! What a little sweetie!


Oh so sweet! I just love that pose in the last pic! Reminds me of Allison's position in my pic. How do they do that? :-)


I love a sleeping child, it is so precious!!!

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